Monday, 6 April 2009

Get used to the downswing, so that the upswing won’t give you Vertigo.....

Is it just me or is the world wallowing in the global economic crises? 

Every time you switch the channel to Sky / CNN or BBC you hear of unemployment, negative growth, repossessions, etc. Are things really that bad? And are we really approaching the worst recession since the 1980’s when the international community shunned us because of our political policies? The simple answer is unfortunately…………….………yes. 

Forecasts by Economists (here come the predictions) set our GDP growth………....sorry, our GDP decline to be in the region of -10% for 2009. And as pure economists, they always leave you with a ‘silver lining’…. but this may improve to -8% toward the end of the year. (What the hell does it matter when you’re looking at negative growth !!!)

In the property market, our commercial banks continued to restrict lending. This increased the average bank decline ratio (How many mortgage applications are declined after being submitted) to 60% !! As for deposits required to secure your property, the average deposit required was 24% compared to 16% last year. (If these figures don’t make you ill, then nothing will………)

With the potential for more interest rate cuts on the way, under such dire global and domestic economic conditions, it’s unlikely that reductions will even get the residential market out of bed. Let’s hope things improve, even though I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s going to get worse before it gets better. 

In conclusion, just a few words on this month’s election: 

Remember, that in our amazing democratic country, you the voter have the right to choose. No matter what the outcome, YOUR vote has power. So whatever your decision is, make sure that it’s based on what you believe to be right, as it not only affects you, but millions of South Africans worldwide. 

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