Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Horizon who??

About 2 weeks ago, I decide to go to a Property Exhibition. Not to BUY anything, but to offer the 'Really Big and Scary International Property Company' if I could 'assist in expanding their already massive database?

Now you can imagine how nervous I was that they were going to take one look at me......laugh (as is expected) and then throw me out of the exhibition shouting 'We don't need your help as we are one of the biggest Property Companies in Europe already!!!' But......this didn't happen.

'Good morning Mr Doms, it is very nice to meet you' :) Would you like a coffee?? (starting to sweat now as I wait for the massive security guard who has been called) 'We have many property developments available at the current moment, but maybe you can enlighten us on what you think your clients would be interested in?' At this point in time, I thought that maybe they were going to try and sell me something (obviously not caring about my clients who I was trying to source developments for). But when they discovered that I was 'merely' another agent off the street..........bring on the massive security guard, his dog and..........smack !!! Hello Pavement :(

To cut the entire episode short, the really friendly guy showed me properties in Germany, Cyrpus, Turkey as well as the UK. As they cover Europe, the US as well as the Caribbean you can imagine how long it would've taken to go through all their stock. I did manage to walk away with a few business cards, and lo and behold......A meeting at their offices !!! (let's see if they actually have offices where they referred me to........said the cynic in me)

Today, I ACTUALLY went to those 'mythical offices' and spoke to a really nice guy explaining what Developments they currently have available...........(and here's the really seriously awesome part)........I could choose which Developments my clients would be interested in, but I am still able to market them under Horizon !! I could then offer these properties to my clients, and then the other company would take over and take care of the rest :) Was there ever a sweeter deal??? (The reason for this is because MANY other companies would just work on a referral system, where I would refer you and then have NOTHING else to do with you. In this case, I am with you from beginning to end without having to 'pass you along the chain')

We would obviously split the commission earned, but the client would remain my own........which meant that the client deal ONLY with me........and not some dodgy person they've never had contact with.

I think the lesson I learnt from this is that although you might as a company be small........there's nothing stopping you from asking. What's the worst that can happen?............(I hear cries of Massive Security guard, his dog and that VERY hard pavement :)

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