Sunday, 17 June 2007

Why be better?

The Roman Catholic Church describes the '7 Deadly Sins' as the following:

- Lust
- Gluttony
- Greed
- Sloth
- Wrath
- Envy
- Pride

But the 20th Century has given birth to a new 'deadly' sin......and this is called 'Apathy'. The word apathy, is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as the follwing: 'noun' - lack of interest or enthusiasm.

I believe that Apathy should be called the 8th Deadly Sin, as we live in times where the status quo is as follows: 'I don't have to do my best as the next door neighbour didn't amount to anything' or 'I don't need to work hard because my parents look after me' or 'I have all I need and I won't be able to improve my current situation'

So the question, if we have the means for survival, ie. Food, water, shelter (the basic physiological needs), then Why is it so important for us to continously strive to be better?

When we aren't going forward, we are essentially moving backward. There is no 'middle station' of standing still. The world is changing / in motion all the time and so must we.......otherwise we stand the chance of being left behind. Of being discarded as an 'out of date' model which cannot compete with the present, and is therefore relegated to the past.

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