Friday, 3 August 2007

3....2.....1.........LIFTOFF !!!!!!!

Yes, it’s official…….’Horizon Consultancy has entered the vaults of Cyberspace’…….and as a start, let’s quote that lovely Gaelic Blessing (with a bit of a twist)

- May the road rise up to meet us.
- May a windfall from property be always paid in full.
- May the Taxman always agree on what we have lodged.
- May our Forex payments never be charged a fee.
- And may God hold us in the palm of his hand.
- Until we do business again.

John Lennon once said, Life is what happens when we’re too busy making other plans’. And believe me when I tell you, that I’ve been working on the launch of Horizon for many moons now, that I’ve forgotten to plan on what to do after the Launch……...Although it’s a bit of a relief to FINALLY have ‘A Face to which potential clients can be informed of your services’, I have a sneaking suspicion that the real work starts now !! Anyway, enough of the foreplay, let’s get down to business!!

In the coming weeks I will be reviewing the Investment Properties in the various countries that we have available for investment. My choice of country will be backed up by a Review of the Country, the Economic / Political situation, the Growth Prospects / Financial Analysis of any Development in question and a look at what the Future will hold for the Country.

Among others, the countries that will be reviewed in the coming weeks are:


Cape Verde



Grenada, the Caribbean



South Africa

Watch this space..............

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Anonymous said...

hoe zit partner!!! dit lyk goed! sien jou vanaand